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  1. Process by which something is either created or augmented by a person bearing the name Vanessa.
    "Have you seen the rad work at vanessagrass.com? It's got a very vnessified feel to it."


  1. A mildly entertaining Twitter user who tweets silly memes, GIFs, and loosely tech related content.
    "You should follow vnessified on Twitter, her tweets are occasionally actually funny."
  2. A totally decent photographer on Instagram who generally posts travel, food, and cute dog pics.
    “I liked one of vnessified's photos on Instagram — it’s of a super adorable Corgi named Fred.”
  1. A slightly moody, GIF loving, self-aware hard drive.
    "I was cleaning up the desktop on vnessified and found all these cat GIFs that it seems to be sharing on the internet."
  1. A 100% made up, not real word.
    "Though not actually found in any official dictionary, if you're still interested in the word vnessified, email hello."


early 21st century (circa 2010)

From first name Vanessa + verbal suffix -fied (past tense -fy : to make or cause to be, derived from old French -fier and Latin -ficāre). The resultant word vanessified morphed into vnessified in fashion with modern day languange trend of dropping one or more vowels. Related variants, vanesssified and vanessifiedd, both following a similar trend of repeating consonants, were briefly in usage in 2010 but have since become obsolete.


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